Thermographic study

Domestic energy use case study

Enviroblinds are pleased to present a domestic energy use case study by chartered architect and building scientist Dr David Croghan DipArch, MA, PhD, ARIBA, FRSA. The study focuses on energy conservation in the authors home and studio. External roller shutters are included to improve energy efficiency by limiting heat losses; shutters are found to improve the window U-value by 25%. Shutters are also used as a summer sunshade; they are found to reduce solar gain by 80-90%.  The paper includes an interesting set of thermographic images clearly illustrating the energy saving benefit of shutters in cold weather; lined curtains inside patio doors are not nearly as effective as external window shutters in reducing heat loss.

Full article with the author’s permission: David Croghan (2016) Domestic energy use case study ‘ House and Studio, Cambridge’