6 Reasons to choose external roller blinds

Today we are revising our RIBA product selector blog post 6 Reasons to choose external roller blinds

1. Prevent Overheating – External roller blinds are much more effective than internal blinds at preventing overheating from exposure to the sun and are endorsed in the Government Zero Carbon Hub Guide. The blind stops the sun from getting through the window and keeps the room cooler. With temperatures set to rise in the UK, improved insulation and frequent use of glass, the issue of overheating is a real problem which is often overlooked in building design. With escalating utility bills, air conditioning is an expensive solution compared with external blinds which offer so many other benefits.

2. Prevent Heat Loss – External roller blinds not only reduce the need for air conditioning but also reduce heating bills as they stop the warm air from escaping out the window, and are popular in Belgium and Germany with similar climates to the UK.  Research by the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) shows that, in wintertime, external roller blinds reduce heating energy demand by 10%. As energy saving is building specific, Enviroblinds offers bespoke thermal analysis to quantify the energy saving benefits.

3. Blackout – As mentioned earlier, external blinds can completely black out a room in a closed position which is great for improved quality of sleep. In a semi closed position you can even control the infiltration of light and ventilation through the perforations in the slats. This is great for the home and ideal for hospitals and schools.

4. Acoustic Insulation – lowering the blinds not only offers black out and thermal insulation but also keeps the noise out.  Ideal for comfortable urban living.

5. Security – security shutters are technically made from extruded aluminium but foam filled blinds deter burglary and vandalism by providing protection to the window and concealing the contents of the room. Enviroblinds offer a range of wide slats and options for higher density foam to improve the strength and overall protection of the blind.  Systems can be fully automated and programmed to open and close hence optimising window protection.

6. Aesthetics – Last but not least aesthetics.  Yes external blinds can and do enhance aesthetics of buildings. Enviroblinds offers a extensive choice of colours and systems to suit either retrofit or new build installations to stylise and uniform a building’s façade. Much better than seeing apartment windows shaded with beach towels or table cloths in the summer time!