External Venetian Blinds

Enviroblinds exterior venetian blinds are ideal for blocking out heat, keeping you cool and comfortable indoors whilst allowing sunlight into the room.  External venetians do this better than internal venetians because they reflect the heat away before it gets through the window.

Enviroblinds external venetian blinds

Our Lux external venetian blinds protect a building from overheating whilst optimising light or blackout. A robust system which cleverly retracts and tilts the blades with an integrated guide rail mechanism replacing the lifting strap of the traditional venetian blind.  The blades are 97mm and padded by rubber, providing an overall stronger and more durable shading system. Operated by motor, the blinds cannot be lifted by hand thereby protecting the window and deterring a break-in into the building.

The AR92 is an improved version of the traditional external venetian blind. This blind operates on a wire or side guide with a patented stainless steel clip cam belt connecting the slats. A choice of “S” or “Z” shaped slats in over 200 standard colours make the AR92 an attractive design element for the façade.  There are options for front mounted and façade mounted systems with the slats piling up neatly into a small space. The maximum width 4-5 metres and height 4- 5.2 metres depending on the required wind load. Options to improve wind resistance include a weighted bottom rail.



Enviroblinds external venetian blinds
Enviroblinds LUX external venetian blinds
Enviroblinds Hella venetians elevation
Enviroblinds Hella AR65 external venetian

Key features

Enviroblinds Hella AR92 Installation examples
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Lux Venetian Blind