Louvres and Panels

Enviroblinds louvres and panels provide shading to reduce overheating from the sun, privacy and security whilst enhancing the building façade. Sliding, folding, lifting panels and louvres not only regulate temperature and light but also provide a unique and kinetic design feature.

Sliding & folding panels

Sliding and folding panels consist of aluminium frames and guides with  aluminium, wood or high-pressure laminate infills. A choice of solid, perforated or expanded metal mesh panels and wooden or aluminium louvres are available according to design, shading and wind load requirements.  Maximum dimensions to comply to EN 13659 class 6 wind resistance are 900 x 3000mm for the sliding panels and 600 x 3000mm for the folding panels.

Manual or motorized operation – panels can be operated manually by pushing them to the right or to the left where they can be locked in position or motorized using a tooth belt motor. The motor is controlled by a switch or by a remote connected with the central control system.


Enviroblinds Folding panels
Enviroblinds panel infills

Key features

Lifting panels

Lifting panels provide solar shading and privacy where space is limited to the left or right of a door or window, offering an unobstructed view through the glazing when fully retracted.  Architectural shading at it’s best, with single panels of up to 3 metres wide for windows and 6 metres wide for doors and garage doors.

A choice of infill to compliment the building façade, including aluminium or wooden slats, expanded metal sheets, aluminium or high pressure laminate.

These panels are motorised using a tooth belt motor and controlled via a switch or remote.

Enviroblinds Folding Panels facade fixed
Enviroblinds Folding Panels Facade Fixation Detail
Enviroblinds Lifting Wooden Panels
Enviroblinds Lifting Panel 50
Enviroblinds Lifting Panels