Enviroblinds retractable awnings are ideal for shading garden patios and perfect to install above large bi-folding or sliding doors.

Enviroblinds awnings

Enviroblinds retractable awnings extend up to 4 metres and cover a width of 4- 7 metres, providing solar shading for the outside whilst keeping temperatures cool inside. An ideal alternative to external blinds where bi-fold doors open outwards, to reduce overheating and prevent interiors from fading. Options for LED lights, heaters and waterproof fabrics extend the hours spent comfortably outside. 


Patio awning
Folding arm awning side
Enviroblinds retractable awning
Folding arm awning
Duo free standing

Key features

 Weatherproof casing extends the longevity of the awning fabric when out of use and the solution-dyed yarn offers long lasting resistance to UV rays. As well as filtering 90% of UV radiation, the fabrics are treated with a special water-repellent coating which repels dirt and grease, prevents mould and will not rot. Click here to view our range of Orchestra awning fabrics

Sun and wind sensors can be specified to extend or retract the awning according to weather conditions.


Enviroblinds Harol awnings drop versus height
Drop versus height

Free standing awnings

Enviroblinds free standing awnings are extremely versatile and are ideal for shading areas away from the property, or where it is not possible to fix to a wall.  The sturdy galvanized steel frame and double folding arm awnings spanning a width of up to 6 metres and a drop of 2.5 metres on either side, provides ideal solar shading for children’s plays areas and a seating or dining terrace.  Cleverly designed with a clip-on clip-off profile, the fabric can be attached without screws resulting in a smart, streamlined look.