About us

At Enviroblinds, we are passionate about energy saving external roller blinds and solar shading systems which transform a building climatically and visually. 

External shading is the most energy efficient means of reducing overheating in buildings from excess solar gain.

Inspired by the widespread use of external shading in architecture across Europe, we have sourced the best quality products from European manufacturers, to offer you an unrivalled choice of solar shading systems. We have a product for your project, however big or small, that is guaranteed  not only to lower your carbon emissions but also to enhance the design of your building façade.

Solar shading is recommended in all new  build housing, commercial offices and schools by 2030 to eliminate the need for air conditioning and reach net zero operational carbon.  Existing buildings should aim for net zero operational carbon by 2050 according to LETI,  a network of over 1000 built environment professionals that are working together to put London on the path to a zero carbon future.

Why Enviroblinds external shading?

Help reduce the 49% of annual carbon emissions attributed to buildings in the UK

Enviroblinds external shading products are more effective than internal shading in reducing or eliminating the need for air conditioning as they prevent most of the solar radiation heat from penetrating the window.  Not only do they help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, essential for health and well being, but they do so in a way that reduces carbon emissions and utility bills. Enviroblinds external blinds also reduce excessive glare from the sun providing a more comfortable living and working environment.

Patio awning

External roller blinds prevent the majority of solar heat from penetrating the window, which makes them much more effective than internal blinds.

Enviroblinds external roller screens and shutters are energy saving and ideal for Passivhaus type construction because they can be lowered to prevent overheating from excessive solar gain or raised when solar heat is required.

Motorised solar shading systems using a wireless switch or remote control  can be connected to wind and sun sensors that automatically raise or lower the blinds according to the weather. 

Enviroblinds offer dynamic thermal modelling and life cycle costing to calculate the real energy saving benefits of specifying external shading systems. Our team of technical advisors are always at hand to advise you on the most effective shading system for your project and budget, through to installation and after sales care.