External roller screens retain the view to the outside

Heat Health Alert!

With the heat wave in Europe and temperatures set to continue rising, learning to manage overheating at home and work has become a must for our health and wellbeing. Combined passive measures of cross ventilation and solar shading help to maintain cool and comfortable temperatures indoors. Opening the windows and blinds early in the morning or at night, when the air temperature is cooler outside than inside. Closing the windows and blinds when the air temperature becomes warmer outside than inside. Simple in principal, but on warm and sunny days in the UK, windows are often instinctively thrown open to let the light and heat in!
Fortunately new external screen technology retains the light and the view to the outside when fully closed, whilst reducing glare and blocking the heat out before it penetrates the window.
External screens retracting into a small box above the window are easy to retrofit onto existing buildings and can be pin mounted onto side guides or cables. A single motorised external screen can span up to 5 metres wide, which is perfect for large sliding doors or areas of glazing.
Overheating can be an issue all year round depending on the building and orientation of the building. Typically, well insulated South and West facing buildings with large areas of glazing will still suffer from solar gain in the Autumn and Winter when the sun is low.
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