Part O Building Regulations on solar shading to reduce overheating

Enviroblinds: throwing shade on overheating

As the market leading specialists in external shading, Enviroblinds offers a wealth of solutions to Part O requirements.

When the sun rises on Wednesday, 15th June, 2022 it will find itself a few degrees less omnipotent than the day before, at least in England, thanks to Part O of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010, which comes into effect that day.

The new legislation will make it a legal requirement to mitigate overheating in residential buildings and will apply to all new building construction work. In real terms, this means architects and building professionals will need to integrate solutions to limit unwanted solar gain at the design stage of a new build project. Part O defines the acceptable means to achieve this as glazing considerations, building design, building location and external fixed shading devices, including shutters, external blinds, overhangs, and awnings and this is where Enviroblinds can help.

Enviroblinds offers an unrivalled choice of solutions to comply with Part O, including external roller blind screens and aluminium shutters, external venetians, awnings, brise soleil and louvred panels, all of which offer external shading and substantially reduce overheating.

When planned as part of a new building design, Enviroblinds’ external roller screens, venetians and roller shutters can be flush mounted with the casing and side guides neatly concealed, complementing the building façade. All products can be specified either with a motor that can be fully integrated into an automated building system or a manual operating device.

Enviroblinds’ sustainable shading products span functional solutions for social housing through to premium, bespoke products for high-end residential properties. What is more, all of our external blinds and roller shutters are engineered to last, requiring only a minimum of maintenance, which bodes well for a net zero carbon future.