Enviroblinds Newsletter, November 2013


Energy Saving Product of the Year

Enviroblinds are delighted to be shortlisted in the Energy Saving Product of the Year category for the CIBSE Building Perfomance Awards 2014. The organisers say: “The diversity and quality of entries this year’s awards has been higher than previous years with many of the entries showing more honest and real data about the performance of the entry. The shortlisted …

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Importance of external solar

Enviroblinds read about the importance of external solar shading for all buildings as London’s ‘Walkie Talkie‘ has been found to concentrate the sun’s rays to dangerous effect. External blinds and shutters can be used to stop solar radiation in order to give a sound distribution of daylight and thermal comfort to the occupants and surroundings.



Enviroblinds Newsletter, July 2013


UK Government Zero Carbon Hub

Enviroblinds recommends the UK Government Zero Carbon Hub guide that introduces the significance of overheating in homes and its causes. External roller blinds (shutters) were found the most effective in reducing the effect of overheating Zero Carbon Hub – Overheating in homes (Defra Guide).


New range of external roller blinds

Enviroblinds are pleased to offer a new range of external roller blinds from HAROL, renowned for their quality and design since 1946. The foam filled, roll formed aluminium blinds offer protection against excessive solar gain by blocking out the heat externally. The systems are fully adjustable and control the level of daylight from no shading to full …

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Talk on external roller blinds

Enviroblinds give a talk on external roller blinds and their potential to reduce overheating at the Good Homes Alliance event Climate Change and Overheating. More details and the presentations from the day are available here.


Field trip to Belgium

Enviroblinds go on a field trip to Belgium where external roller blinds are used extensively.


Eco Technology Show

Enviroblinds team are at the Eco Technology Show an event for sustainable build, energy, transport and technology.

KTP Conference

Enviroblinds attend KTP Conference in Brighton where Hanna Ylitalo presents a paper and a poster titled “Environmental performance of external roller blinds in the United Kingdom” summarising the AMA and University of Brighton knowledge transfer partnership to date.


Academic paper

Enviroblinds academic paper “Environmental performance of external roller binds retrofit for offices in the United Kingdom” presented by Dr Kenneth Ip, University of Brighton, at the CIB World Building Congress.

Raised temperatures

Effects of thermal comfort

Enviroblinds recommends an article about the effects of thermal comfort on a person’s mental and physical capacity Indoor Air Quality and Behaviour (CIBSE Journal May 2013).